September 8, 2013

We continue to learn together how to become better disciples of Jesus. In this week’s Gospel passage, He is on His way to Jerusalem, on the way to the passion and cross – toward the total gift of himself to us. In the light of this trip we can understand the radical nature of the proposed requirements.

The demands of discipleship may look very challenging: Jesus wants to place every relationship we have on the second level, raising God to the first place. But, discipleship is based primarily on a free membership, because it’s based on love and love is always free. But Love also demands priority.

The relationship that God wants us to have with Him is not “exclusive” but transforming. It doesn’t drive people away but compels us to encounter the “One-who-wants-to-be-loved-above-all” in each person we meet each day.

We can live this Gospel passage above all by rediscovering the beauty and joy of being Christians, and by finding new ways to encounter God who is constantly encountering us. This beauty and joy is what really satisfies our hearts and fill our lives.

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