September 22, 2013

The parable of the dishonest steward told by the Gospel (Luke 16:1-13) tells us that true wisdom begins in doing whatever we can to be set free from the bondage of the “earth,” particularly from the slavery of money. The earthly goods, of which money is the symbol par excellence, should be placed at the service of the fraternal communion and not the other way around. Sometimes it happens that instead of relying on God, we choose to rely on money, which provides only an illusion of safety and security. We know very well what happens to us when we put our trust in possessions that can be taken away by a downfall of the market or a natural disaster. The Gospel calls this illusion as slavery and compares it to a man submitting to a strong master.

The Gospel also alerts us that there is an alternative: God. The evangelists Luke believes that when a Christian is faced with a question of allegiance and has to choose between “the strong master” and God, it is the latter that is chosen. But, can we really make this assumption today?

We cannot serve God and “the strong master.” Faith in God is lived in fidelity to what He has entrusted to us. Everything that exists is his gift and is a means to enter into communion with the Father and with hischildren.

Yes, life to be preserved and developed it needs to be fed with the necessary means. And there is nothing wrong in being wealthy. What the Gospel alerts us is not to rely too much on material possessions and make sure that whatever we have is at the service of others as well. This is a wonderful way of thanking God for His blessing: becoming a blessing to others.

Remain in God’s love, for He loves you immensely,

Fr. Stanislao

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