St. Mary’s Staff

Rev. Stanislao Esposito, Pastor

A word from Father Stan:

I was was born in 1968 in Italy.  There was nothing exceptional about my childhood. Religion was everywhere and everybody’s thing. I learned how to behave at Mass and the responses very early. But something happened on the day of my First Communion. On that day something special happened: at the end of Mass, my pastor gave all of us a little red book—it was a copy of the four Gospels. It was the first book that was truly mine. All of my other school books were secondhand. I began to read the book, and, for some strange reason, the pages began to come to life. Jesus became “real.” I went over those pages every day. During recess, I would call some of my friends, and I would read to them from the Gospel.

My attachment to the Gospel remained throughout my childhood and my youth. During my teen years, I encountered a Movement that helped me to put the Gospel into practice. This was a dream come true: become living Gospel. All I did in life centered on this reality: Christ. The Gospel revealed to me a very fundamental truth—God loves me immensely. What a life changing moment the day I realized this. I could call God “my Father.”

Living the Gospel opened new doors for me. In 1991, I joined the Congregation of Holy Cross in Rome. In 1992, I was transferred to the United States where I have resided ever since.

Eventually, I left the order and I joined the Diocese of Wilmington as a seminarian. I spent three years studying Theology at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

Since my ordination, I have remained focused on studying, preaching, and, above all, living the Word of God.

Deacon Dave McDowell

Rita Danhardt, Director of Religious Education,

Donna Santoni, Parish Administrative Assistant

Tony Dicken, Facilities Manager

Bud and Barbara Fuchslager, Maintenance

Jordan Pantalone, Director of Music Ministry

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