Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Sodality is a religious group which aims at fostering in its members an ardent devotion, reverence, and filial love towards our Blessed Mother.  Through this devotion, it seeks to make its members gathered together under Her name, good Catholics, striving to sanctify themselves and attempting to sanctify their neighbor and to defend the Church of Christ.

Practices of the Sodality include regular meetings, with the Prefect giving some instruction or topic concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The members should receive the Eucharist frequently, and on Marian feast days, practice devotion to Mary daily through the rosary, novenas, etc.  It is recommended that they devote some days every year to the spiritual exercises of a Retreat or Day of Recollection.

The Sodalist strives to live the Christian way of life as fully as she can.

If you would like to learn more about the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary, please call the parish office.

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