November 3, 2013

This week we meditate on the figure of Zacchaeus, one of my favorite characters of the Gospel.  We are invited this week to do what we can to meet with Jesus and to welcome in our homes, into our lives. If the desire of Zacchaeus to see Jesus sets in motions the whole action of the Gospel passage, it is the look of the Saviour to mark a turning point in the whole story.

Zaccheus really wanted to see Jesus. Read the passage and see how many verbs are used: enter, cross, pass, run, climb, and descend. These verbs are in contrast with those used to describe Jesus’ actions:  to stay in Zaccheus’ house.

The point is clear: Jesus always seems to prefer to stay with those who are broken, wounded, in need of healing, in need of new life. It’s a divine preference! These are the people who are willing to go through a radical change – to live the life of the children of God, who call God their Father.

God’s gaze of benevolence is upon all of us; do we believe that God wants to come into our lives? Into our homes? That He wants to give us everything our hearts truly desires? How badly do you want to see Jesus in your life?

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