November 11, 2013

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the liturgical year with the celebration of Feast of Christ the King.

The Liturgies will invite to engage the conflicts that we have in our lives and also keep in mind that one day Jesus will come again.

The liturgy of the Word this week allows us to see Jesus involved in a very important controversy: The Sadducees were ridiculing the belief of the Pharisees who claimed that there is life after death. Jesus teaches us not only the wonderful reality of God’s never-ending love for us but also how to handle these kinds of conflicts.

The Sadducees bring an argument that is simply absurd. Jesus doesn’t tell them they were being ridiculous. He respects their point of view but brings them further: He brings them back to the essence of revelation: God’s covenant with us.

Jesus is ruling on two things: the fact and the manner of the resurrection. We, as human beings, are first and foremost defined by our filial relationship with God and God is able to give life to those who believe in Him because He is the source of all life.

We are made for God, and for the Infinite: then we can live for Him, by Grace we can participate in the life of God and God becomes the term of all our expectations, hopes and desires of our human hearts. Let’s live each day, then, by responding to this Love knowing that we belong to Him and He to us.  Forever!

Beatriz, from Angola shared this story:  One day, I was walking home from school when I saw a girl crying on the street. She seemed desperate.” What  happened?” , I thought. Without hesitation, I approached her. I asked her how she was, if I could somehow help her … She looked up and between sobs began to tell me her story. As a child she had lost her mother. This pain was still so strong that she thought that her life no longer had any sense. I knew she needed attention and a loving, listening ear. Then I forgot my programs to think only of her, to be loving to her and be near her. The conversation went on for a bit and I told her about me. I, too , at the age of three had lost my mother .

Over time I realized that my life could not be stopped by this pain, because I had found out I had a Father, God, who loves me immensely.

This love has filled all the blanks of my life. I told her as I tried to respond to the love of God, loving others in turn. It was a simple conversation but she stopped crying, and we talked about the many opportunities we have throughout the day to love others. My new friend was so happy when I left, thanking me, she looked like another person.

For me this unexpected meeting was very important: I saw that the experience with Jesus, our best friend, not only made ​​me happy, but it gave me the ability to bring this happiness to others.

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