New Testament Challenge – May 7

May 7 – Luke 22:39-65 – “why are you sleeping? Get up and pray that you may not undergo the test” (Lk 22:46)

No doubts about it: the life of discipleship is filled with detours, ups and downs, and many challenges. While all these things are part of life, I must understand that by following Jesus I am standing directly against all the things that original sin has created in us, in society, etc. The liberation the Gospel brings is not readily accepted because it looks as going against the ordinary course of things.

It’s not easy to stand in the Truth every day. As a disciple of Jesus, I must understand that I cannot do it alone, that I need to commune daily – and, indeed, many times a day – with the One who strengthens me. My soul demands this. Love requires this. But most especially my life, my integrity, and my values, demand to remain strong. And it can be done only with true prayer. There, heart to heart, I renew my identity: God’s child, loved by Him immensely. In this truth, I can withstand any challenge.

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