New Testament Challenge – May 6

May 6 – Luke 22:21-38 – “And they began to debate among themselves who among them would do such a deed” (Lk 22:23)

How quickly our attention shifts from what matters to what doesn’t. Jesus told the disciples about the betrayal. It must have been quite shocking hearing that one of them could do such a thing. Even more striking is the fact that Jesus knows about it, and does nothing to stop it. But they, instead of examining their conscience, being to debate. Today we do the same thing. When we are faced with a big issue, we debate it endlessly.

As a disciple of Jesus, I must make sure that I don’t waste energy in useless endeavors, useful as though they may seem. My life is based on living the Gospel, choosing God above all things, and creating around me an environment where, through mutual love, Christ’s presence can be experienced. Debating issues can be helpful, no doubt but I must avoid turning everything into a “talk show.” The reality is simple: just as I can betray Jesus, so can others. So, I better start looking at my own way of thinking and my own actions, so that I will not do such a thing. The rest, I must leave it in God’s hands.

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