New Testament Challenge – May 4

May 4 – Luke 21:12-38 – “It will lead to your giving testimony” (Lk 21:13)

It always amazes me the love that God has for me, for all of us. He continues to shower us with gifts of all kind. I am His child, and He really wants to spoil me. He called me to this grand adventure that is a life lived with Him as my Father. He also entrusted me to follow Christ as His disciple.

As a Disciple of Jesus, I live a life full of Grace. Every step I take, every word I utter, and every action I do tells this story of love and Grace. The gifts that God bestows on me don’t change because of the circumstances, because of persecutions, or the evil deeds that others, even members of the same family of God, commit. Especially during difficult times, the way I live my life will reflect what I believe. During the time of hardship, my commitment to live the Gospel will be the most exceptional testimony that I can offer to others. I am not alone, God is always with me. And this is true for everyone who wants to live a life of Grace.

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