New Testament Challenge – May 2

May 2 – Luke 20:20-40 – “they watched him closely and sent agents pretending to be righteous who were to trap him in speech” (Lk 20:20)

There is something strong in us – the desire to be right. We tend to reach this goal at all cost, even by putting down others who represent a threat to our righteousness. It’s all a pretense, though. If I am right, I don’t have to attack anyone, belittle anyone, mock anyone.

As a disciple of Jesus, I encounter many times resistance and attacks. Standing in the Truth of the Master means to be confident that the Truth will speak for itself. My lifestyle only will witness to what I believe. Therefore, as I grow confidently in my faith every day, so must my love for others. I cannot and will not trap anyone by any means – speech, social media, etc. I will not use any means to dehumanize the one who doesn’t agree with me. My love for that person will be proof enough that Christ’s teaching is valid and life-changing.

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