New Testament Challenge – May 16

May 16 – John 2 – “Fill the jars with water.” (Jn 2:7)

Water is a wonderful gift. It sustains life. But certainly, it is not used for significant celebrations like a wedding. Water is too bland. Something special is needed: wine. I see the same happening in Christian life: I can live it on my own, and be glad with water. Or, I can do what Jesus says and experience the wine of new life. The choice is mine, and mine alone. And it’s a choice that I can make every present moment, for every decision I have to make.

As a Disciple of Jesus, I have to realize that I cannot change water into wine. It’s something that Jesus does. But, He is not expecting wine from me because He knows that all I have is the water. But at His command, all I have to do is to give Him what I have. He will change it into something special. What a liberating thought! What an empowering thought! I can expect to see Jesus accomplish the impossible, even through my actions. All I have to do is to fill up the jars with what I have, give it to Him, and trust that something will happen that will allow the celebration of life to continue.

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