New Testament Challenge – March 15

March 15 – Mark 13:24-14:9 – “She has done a good thing for me” (Mk 14:6)

How important it is for me to understand and be reminded constantly that God called me to be in a relationship with Him. Christianity is a love story. I have to learn every day how to relate to God for who He is, rather than what He can do for me. This love is reciprocal. He loves me, and he acts lovingly towards me. I have to be loving towards Him as well. And Jesus respects my love, and let Himself be loved by me… the best I can.

I am touched by the fact that Jesus appreciates and respects the loving gesture of the woman who anoints Him. I want to love Him concretely as well. I know that he likes to hide in my neighbor; therefore, I will be extra attentive in being loving, speaking tenderly, or even simply smiling warmly to every person I meet. I want to do a good thing for Him, who loves me immensely.

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