New Testament Challenge – March 14

March 14 – Mark 13:1-23 – “See that no one deceives you” (Mk 13:5)

I am a child of God, loved by God and called by name to follow Jesus. As a disciple, I keep my eyes fixed on the only one who can teach me and lead me to live my life in communion with God. No one can take this away from me; only I can keep it or reject it.

Every age has its challenges, every century its scandals and trials. The Church is both a human and divine reality; in her human dimension, she is not above that, even though I would like to think so. Many voices want me to focus on what is transitory and earthly to make judgments of what is heavenly. No, no one can deceive me: whether by words or example, I cannot let anything – no matter how painful and tragic – or anyone – no matter how popular or important – deceive me. The Truth is a person, Jesus, and only He is the one that matters. With my heart fixed on the Truth, then, I will fight any deception that wants me to follow another path. I am a child of God!

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