New Testament Challenge – January 23, 2019

Jan 23 – Mat 14:34-15:20 “If a blind person leads a blind person, both will fall into the pit” (Mat 15:14)

I need to make an important decision: to make sure that Jesus becomes the only One who teaches who to be one of His disciples and how to live my life as a child of God. There are too many voices out there that compete with the Gospel. The teaching of the Church is often misunderstood and challenged; instead of being understood for what it is – a way to live concretely the Gospel in the world today – it is trivialized, twisted and even substituted with something more suitable to our liking.

If I am not rooted in the Gospel and in the teaching of the Church I cannot walk the walk, and if I don’t walk it, then I cannot help others to experience God’s love for them either. God entrusted me with this mission and I must do all I can to start seeing things as Jesus did, from God’s point of view.

I must make sure that what I profess with my mouth, assent with my mind, is then lived in every aspects of my life. Every single one!

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