New Testament Challenge – February 9, 2019

Feb 9 – Mat 24:45-15:13 – “Blessed is the servant whom his master on his arrival finds doing so” (Mat 24:46)

What good news: God is faithful! He said He will return, and I know He will! I have nothing to fear, nothing to be concerned about. I live each day knowing that God is very committed to me, to the world, to each person. I live each day knowing that I play a part in all this because I am a member of His household, one of His children.

As a disciple of Jesus I commit myself every day to follow the path that Jesus has placed before me. I want to be faithful, taking every step knowing that’s how I love God back: by being more and more like Jesus. I want to be prepared, filling my mind and soul with the Word of God, my heart in prayer and renew my Yes with all my strength. The light of the faith that He has placed in my heart on the day of my Baptism will grow with every act of Love I take.

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