New Testament Challenge – February 7, 2019

Feb 7 – Mat 24:1-28 – “The one who perseveres to the end will be saved” (Mat 24:13)

The end of the world. This event is always surrounded by words of confusion and fear. But what exactly is so scary about it? The destruction? The tribulation? Jesus uses very first and strong language describing this event, and yet, there is still good news: after all that destruction and tribulation, what will remain is what really matters: God’s love for us! And love should always cast fear away.

What scares us, perhaps, is something else. The point is not that the world will end, but that the world has an end, a goal, an aim. This end must be achieved, and once it is completed, it won’t need anymore. The end of the world scares us when we forget this point, and so we focus only on the loss of things. How silly! The world has been created so that I could enjoy God’s love concretely. I will do whatever I can to take care of this “world” so that it will reach its end successfully, and not only for me but also for many other generations after me. I will continue to go ahead, and my journey will not be stopped by catastrophic events… whatever they may be. I know that everything is there to help me to reach my goal as well: live forever in the house of the Lord.

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