New Testament Challenge – February 5, 2019

Feb 5 – Mat 23:1-15 – “the greatest among you must be your servant” (Mat 23:11)

Why is there in all of us the desire to be the “Greatest?” There is almost a need to get ahead of others. It may be the drive we learn for surviving, and it may be of the effects of original sin. Whatever the reason, it’s there. Always there. Always ready to ruin every relationship and even ministries.

Jesus does not ignore this drive, but it gives it a new spirit, a new direction. He makes us understand what true greatness is and it can be achieved respecting our new heart. It is by loving the other but making sure that the need of the person in front of me, of those who are in need, will come before my own. The moment I no longer relate in love, I become like those people Jesus is talking about: they are just a show. They pretend to have God as the center of their lives, Jesus as the Lord of their lives, and the temple of the Holy Spirit. But when their claims are tested, they are more self-centered than one can expect.

The challenge is clear. By placing God at the center of my life, I have to put His values at the center first. Since Jesus came to serve, and I want to imitate Him, I must become the one who loves first and, out of Love, be the first to serve!


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