New Testament Challenge – February 4, 2019

Feb 4 – Mat 22:23-46 – “You are misled because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God” (Mat 22:29)

It is so important that my mind is filled with the right knowledge. This is actually true about everything, but imperative when it comes to my faith. There is so much talking out there about God, the Church, Christians, etc. Unfortunately, much of these talks are based on misunderstanding, half-truths, or altogether bizarre information. I cannot be part of this confusion, and I cannot let anyone mess up with my heart and mind.

Jesus helps His people to understand the issues by moving away from the surface of the situation and going deeper. His adversaries set Him up! How loving of them! But, I do the same sometimes. When I look for a way out when I seek alternatives to what the Gospel teaches I put my ideas and opinions before the Lord in similar ways. I must stop. It’s not only not loving, but also – and especially – disrespectful to Him who is the Truth.

It follows that I must remain focus on the Truth He reveals to me, knowing that everything I am asked to do is based on the great commandment: if something doesn’t lead me to love God-and-neighbor, I must consider it at the least suspicious. God’s laws are straightforward; they are all reduced to one command “love as I loved you!”

I will re-commit myself to learning more about my faith. Every day. In this way, I can discover ever more deeply and ever more concretely that God the Father loves me as His own child!

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