New Testament Challenge – February 12, 2019

Feb 12 – Mat 26:14-30 – “What are you willing to give me if I hand him over to you?” (Mat 26:15)

Things are getting different in the Gospel. The tension rises as the passion begins to take its shape. What a scary figure is a betrayer. And it’s even scarier the fact that Jesus was betrayed by one of His own close friends. How could it happen? What made Judas turn so quickly. As a disciple of Jesus, I cannot take my loyalty for granted. I must always renew my commitment to follow Him.

Each sin is an act of betrayal; each betrayal is done to get something. Each sin we commit pays us something. Many times we don’t know that there is a transaction behind it, but we fall for it. Getting angry makes us feel powerful, twisting the truth to justify our position makes us feel righteous. Every sin pays us, and we like what we get, and that’s why we keep on doing it.

I pray that whatever it is that I need, I will find a healthier way to get it without betraying Jesus, or His Gospel, or the teaching of the Church. I pray that my journey will always keep me honest. I pray that I may never be that betrayer.

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