New Testament Challenge – February 10, 2019

Feb 10 – Mat 25:14-30 – “Come, Share your master’s joy” (mat 25:21)

God is a wonderful Father! Since the beginning of creation, He showed us that He always enjoys involving us in His work, just as parents do when they see their children imitating them in their actions. God has given each one of us talents, gifts, and abilities that we ought to use to better His household, His family and the world.

Not only I have some gifts, but also every person I encounter, and therefore I am always enriched by people. I will not ignore, ridicule, push away or talk down to anyone: I do not want to disrespect what the Father has given to each person. I will, therefore, do whatever I can to appreciate and recognize in others these gifts, and I want to enjoy them, as well. This will lead me to live my life always enriching and enriched; this will let me experience and share in the master’s joy

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