New Testament Challenge – April 9

April 9 – Luke 8:40-9:6 – “He summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases.” (Lk 9:1)

Jesus gives to His disciples the opportunity to share in His power over all that stands against God. Demons and diseases seem to be the representatives of all those things that challenge our wellbeing – both from within and without. The Good News is that we are not at their mercy; we can resist and even push them back. And yet, so often I live ignoring this reality: temptations seem to be stronger than holiness, the tendency of dehumanizing my neighbor stronger than wholeness.

By depending only on the power of God’s love and grace, I have been given the same authority that Jesus has. By remaining in Him, I can reclaim the power that demons want to steal from me. Jesus gave it to me, God made me whole and capable of living in union with Him. Nothing will separate me from this. Except me, that is. But today I hear the voice of Jesus summoning me to follow Him. I will rely only on that and try to move forward in life. Knowing that I am called to be free, and share this good news with all the people I meet today.

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