New Testament Challenge – April 8

April 8 – Luke 8:19-39 – “What is your name?” (Lk 8:30)

Jesus is asking this question to a demon. It strikes as strange, but I understand why. But mainly, I know why I must learn this lesson as well. At times I, too, have to face “demons” – both my own and around me. These may be situations, ideas, and attitudes that stand against God and His love. It is, therefore, critical to understand the situation at hand and to be able to identify the problem I am dealing with by using its proper name. Too many times I just react to a case with a feeling or an emotion that lead me to think in one way, which might make me pass on judgment on people, or even make wrong decisions, only to find out later that I was completely wrong.

As a disciple of Jesus, I want to learn from Him and make sure that I always “call the devil by its name.” I must make sure that I will not confuse issues, ideas, or situations without identifying each by its proper name. Only when I identify the “demon” by its name, I can deal with it; only then, I am capable of exorcising it.

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