New Testament Challenge – April 7

April 8 – Luke 8:1-18 – “Take care, then, how you hear.” (Lk 8:18)

Disciples cannot ignore what the Master says; a student cannot forget the instruction of the Teacher. It is only logical that I, as a disciple of Jesus, must make sure that His teachings are understood, memorized and put into practice. Nobody can really be a part-time disciple of Jesus. Nobody can live only a half-sanctified life. It’s a full-time endeavor.

If I don’t take care of the way I hear Him, I may make a widespread mistake: use His words according to my ideas. In doing so, I will make Him my disciple. And that will be tragic! The parable of the sower forces me to think of the time of soil I am: is my heart receptive to the teaching? Do I keep it, nurture it, protect it from whatever wants to choke His voice? Or, am I more like a casual listener, enjoying the inspiring words He says but then I continue to live as before. Unlike the soil, I can change. I can change by making a decision. May this day be the one when I decide to become the good soil. Welcoming the seed of the Word of God, I will become fruitful. I can already taste the “hundredfold.”

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