New Testament Challenge – April 28

April 28 – Luke 18:24-43 – “There is still one thing left for you: sell all what you have and distribute it to the poor, and you will have a treasure in heaven. Then, come and follow me” (Lk 18:22)

As a disciple of Jesus I am called to be a child of God, and to live according to who I am not what I have. It’s difficult to keep it in mind. I forget it often, and I start to find my identity in what I do, what I know, what I feel, etc. Instead, I am called to rely on God, to detach myself from all that passes and remain anchored in what is eternal: God.

I have to purify my intentions, making sure that I don’t pollute what God has done for me with what I do or have. I will detach myself from the knowledge I have of God, from my opinions about all things, from what I can do and what I am interested in. I am willing to “sell” it all, making sure that I will continue to be who God wants me to be: a human being, fully alive, aware that he has been forgiven and redeemed by the Lord. I am a child of God. Nothing is more precious than this.

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