New Testament Challenge – April 22

April 22 – Luke 14:25-15:7 – “There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need of repentance” (Lk 15:7)

As a disciple of Jesus, I am called to pick up the Cross as I deny myself to follow Him. This is actually what characterizes me as a disciple. If I don’t this, I cannot call myself as such. This means that I am called to pick up the values of God, start looking at things from God’s heart. This is not easy. It’s the biggest challenge I experience. God’s logic is entirely opposite mine.

God is willing to do the unthinkable – to leave ninety-nine sheep in the field to go and find the lost one. This move transcends logic. And yet, that’s what He does. The point of the parable is obvious the care that He has for the individual sheep. God cares so much about me that He is willing to do whatever He can to come and find me. I am thrilled that God does not follow human logic! I am really glad that even when He finds me, He continues to take care of me. That’s the value of the Cross. That’s where I have to start acting as a disciple: every human being is my brother or sister, loved immensely by God. I must love to the Cross!

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