New Testament Challenge – April 19

April 19 – Luke 12:49-13:9 – “Why do you not know how to interpret the present time?”

As a disciple of Jesus, I have the opportunity to learn from the Master who is teaching me to see things from the point of view of God. God, being outside of time, can see history in its fullness: not just my timeline but all possible outcomes. That’s what eternity does! Now, I can only experience this point of view in the present time, which becomes the means through which I can experience God as well.

But the present time must also be understood and interpreted to be appreciated. I am challenged to look at my current situation in the light of God’s point of view. I must make sure that I do not miss the opportunities to be present to myself, and to God in my neighbor. Every moment gives me the chance to make the Kingdom of God more present in the world. In doing so, I will be able to interpret my direction in life, as well as the situations around me. The present time is a gift where history and eternity can change my worldview and allow me to be honest with myself. It is the way for me to see where I am going, where we are all going, and make sure I make the necessary changes to remain faithful to my call: to live as a child of God

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