New Testament Challenge – April 18

April 18 – Luke 12:22-48 – “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be” (Lk 12:34)

As a disciple of Jesus, I look at Him to learn how to live my life fully. Jesus is the only one who can teach me this because He is the only one who lived it in such a way. To live fully, and fruitfully, it is crucial to set the heart on what really matters, on what really is of value. I understand why Jesus said that phrase: the treasure is what attracts me and makes me look at it. I will go wherever I am looking at. I learned this lesson while I was learning how to ride a bicycle. This is what they teach in defensive driving, too.

Where is my treasure? What are my values? What gives direction to my life? I learn from God. For Him, I am His treasure. His heart is continuously moving Him towards me, as He moves towards every single person on the planet. I want my treasure to be Him. I first my take all others away so that only He will guide my heart. And I will find Him hidden in the heart of the one next to me. By loving my neighbor, my heart will follow my treasure. My heart, then, must be in the other. There, I will find God and myself. I must love more, to understand this mystery more clearly.

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