New Testament Challenge – April 15

April 15 – Luke 11:14-32 – “And there is something greater than Solomon here” (Lk 11:31)

Life is a journey full of distractions. It’s easy to get lost. It’s even easier to consider as important those things that are not. It’s imperative that I reassess my position and my values. This will allow me to see if I have to make directional changes and if I am holding on to the values of the Kingdom.

If I choose God above all things, it means that all things must have their proper places. If I consider following Jesus as the primary activity of my life, I cannot go after other things. Nothing must compare to God, not even the “things of God.” Sometimes my opinions about certain things become more important than God Himself. At times, some of my devotional, religious rituals become greater than my acceptance of the Word of God. Jesus is that “something greater.” I will have no other.

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