New Testament Challenge – April 13

April 13 – Luke 10:13-37 – “he passed by the opposite side”(Lk 10:31)

As a Christian, I marvel at what God has done for me, for each one of us. God found a way to encounter us and share with us our human condition. He understands me because Jesus walked where I walk. Whenever I am down, He picks me up right where I am, without waiting for me to go to Him.

But how quickly I forget to encounter God’s people where they are. I see it also around me, it is becoming an accepted way of thinking: let “them” change and come to us. This “them” includes whomever is down and beaten, like the man fell victim to robbers. Both the priest and the Levite see him, realize what happened and move to the opposite side. This movement away from the one in need frightens me greatly. I can almost hear their thoughts, dehumanizing the man so they can justify their ungodly behavior. I must become aware of when I do the same, and make sure that neither I nor those around me will ever behave that way.

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