New Testament Challenge – April 12

April 12 – Luke 9:49-10:12 – “they would not welcome him because the destination of his journey was Jerusalem” (Lk 9:53)

It’s always the same story: we are willing to support someone only in so far as we like what we hear. But if we are challenged, we are ready to turn our back. Jesus resolutely determined to journey to Jerusalem” (lk 9:51). It means that he went to the Cross in a very determined way. He made the choice to love us to the end. But this choice was not a popular one, a convenient one. It was scandalous and it disturbed people’s pre-conceived notion of what the Messiah was supposed to do.

It’s the same today. We can easily proclaim we are Christians, and we are for this and for that. But if part of the Gospel or the teaching of the Church challenges our belief system, our political notions, our cultural mores, we waste no time in dismissing the challenge as ridiculous, even mocking those who are willing to change their minds and abide by the Gospel. But we don’t understand we are raising our opinions above the Gospel. I pray I can see this tendency in myself and be wiling to be the first to surrender all my thoughts and ideas and welcome Jesus, so not to make the Cross void.

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