New Testament Challenge – April 11

April 11 – Luke 9:28-48 – “For the one who is least among all of you is the one who is the greatest” (Lk 9:48)

The paradox of the Kingdom of God. The first and the last hold a very different position in the heart of God. Yes, the last are those who rely on God more deeply, they know they depend on Him – and His people. They are everywhere, which means that I can find ways to love them everywhere I go. Many circumstances make a person “least.” I must consider them all, without making any discrimination

Who is the least around me? Who is the least in this city? In this country? In the world? How can I make sure to treat them – as much as I can – as they are seen by God: the greatest. I must consider them as the world thinks about the most celebrated star or celebrity. They are God’s celebrities, and they must become mine. I must really convert, here. I must really start seeing people for who they are: God’s children!

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