New Testament Challenge – April 10

April 10 – Luke 9:7-27 – “When the apostles returned, they explained to him what they had done” (Lk 9:10)

The apostles were sent with authority over demons and illnesses, and with the charge to proclaim the Kingdom of God. Now, they return. And it’s interesting that the Gospel reports the fact that they debriefed Jesus about their activities. Another gospel says that Jesus told them that their action disturbed Satan and his evil network. That’s amazing!

Now, I have to remember that Jesus is also sending me; this means that I also have to debrief Him every day about what I have done. I must make it a habit, before the day ends with writing down a small debriefing note, reporting how I have proclaimed the Kingdom and what I have done to destabilize Satan’s network. I hope to make it a habit. This will allow me to take my responsibility as Disciple of Jesus more seriously.

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