Living the best life – ours!

Today, the Gospel makes me aware that Jesus is looking for something specific in my life: good fruits. This is why He came, this is what He wants from us: that we may produce fruits.

He is pointing at something that must have been quite common to the hearers of this message. Maybe He was pointing at the bushes as He was talking.

Something that is also common for us today – not everything that shines is gold. If we want to find out if something is valuable, is real we have to take a closer look, a much closer look.

We are too blinded, nowadays, by too many choices. When I go shopping, I am amazed how many type of the same thing is available. Sometimes, even the box or the container looks alike: the cheap version next to the better one. Even commercial confuse us: you buy the cheap stuff, put it into a fancy container and, voila’, it’s like magic: everything is the same. But, is it?

We know it’s not the same but we are attracted by the savings. I wonder if after a time of using the cheap stuff we may even grow convinced that it’s just as good as the other.

We do the same in our spiritual life. Our Christian lives is getting filled with “generic” alternatives and we have grown convinced that “it’s all the same.”

Jesus doesn’t seem to be thinking i the same lines. When it comes to our lives, He is not willing to accept “generic” fruits but the best fruits. Look alike are not welcome. And, though we may fool our guest when we show them generic stuff into fancy containers, we can’t fool Him.

The first reading seems to contain the answer to the question: what can I do so that I may start producing the best fruits ever? They “find” the book of the law of God. They really didn’t lose it, they just forgotten it was there: they had grown so accustom to their own things that the Word of the Lord remained stored.

It happens with us as well; sometimes we are so used to going to Mass, to hear the readings and the homily that we don’t even pay attention anymore. And our spiritual lives start deteriorating as we continue to find new ways to justify our behavior: I can go late or leave early because God understands me.

We need to rediscover the role of the Word of God in our lives. We must reclaim the effects that the Word has in our lives. We must welcome and celebrate God’s Word because when we live the Gospel we live our true life, we live ourselves. And a life fully lived is what God really wants from us.

Living the Gospel will allow to produce the best fruits my life can produce. Who wouldn’t want that? Who would settle for a life lived in a “generic” way. This is the only life I am going to live here, shouldn’t I expect the best? By living the gospel I will live the best possible life I can live: my own.

This is worth doing!

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