February 9, 2014

The Sermon on the Mount, which is part of the Gospel reading for this Sunday, it is not intended for individuals isolated from each other, but to those who are willing to consider themselves to be a community of people who are light of the world and salt of the earth. The community is seen as the new family of God, in which each member makes the experience of the paternal love of God. Love that is expected to be accepted and to be shared.

To be “salt” andlight” is possible because Jesus empowers us to be people who allow others to see. The Christian community is called to become a reference point for the progress of humanity, and, in order to accomplish this task, we must understand that ours is not a community that illuminate or “flavor” itself only but also the people who surrounds it.

We can be this kind of Community if the Word of God remains at the center of our life and thus make visible the beauty of the divine light, which allows everyone to perceive the beautiful Love of the Father. How precious and demanding our lives can be: we are called to flavor our relationships so that, by and through our love, every person we encounter discovers the brightness of the face of God!

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